Introduction to User Experience

"A time has arrived that the only remaining legal way to differentiate your company from your competitors is with design and creativity."

User Experience Design

User experience design allows you to bring creativity to your company and put a feeling inside the mind of your audience about your product. By touching people emotionally you begin a new phase of brand evolution and loyality that is almost as important to survival as any physical object the company produces.

This new phase of experience design, will separate the top breeds from the average and lead ultimately to better experiences for everyone. This is especially true in the world of software and user interface design.

The Method

Methodology and design thinking are at the core of what I do. I believe in whenever possible following a series of sets in the design process that lead to the most innovative outcome. This summarised with this diagram.


All projects start with discovery and acceptance of the problem. This is when onsite visits and user inetrviews start. This begins the solid foundation of the project. Next is Analysis of all the gather information to start grouping and collating the data into a form that will be usable in the next stage. Ideation is when the fun really begins to start brainstorming and concepting potential solutions ot the problem, using techniques for innovative thinking. This works well in teams and with diverse input. The next exciting step is prototyping which along with ideation can be rapid and loose with ideas and iteration. The benefit of protyping is in the team communication it enables. It begins to lead the innovative process by bringing focus and a language around the problem space that has a solid workable form. After all these steps are done evaulation is the critical final step in the methodology, to see what worked and what didn't and most importantly work out how something can be chnaged to make it better or improved. The whole methodology is only a guide, but at the very least failing early and often is the norm, and building on what is learnt is the key to success.

The Work

This website is the home of some of my user experience design work that I have been lucky enough to have been able to create over the last few years as a creative user experience designer on various projects with many diverse software clients. There is much more than you see here in my portfolio, that encompasses 15 plus years in the design industry, however, I have tried to keep only the most recent and engaging examples on this site. My aim is to add to the design collection as a I feel worthy additional work or concepts becomes available. Also by keeping the work more current it shows where I am on my current journey in my expereince design career which has been morphing for many years as technology and my skills have grown.

Although I studied graphic design and art direction at the London College of Printing, I predominently find myself working today in the more current realm of user experience design. This field of design I find the most challenging and one that seems to utilise all of my technical skills I have aquired over the years. One project in this space can use photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, Flash, After Effects, 3D max and Expression Blend all within the same application.

I like keeping my mind engaged in challenging work, and at this moment user experience design is exactly where I like being, it involves all my knowledge, but more importantly, it keeps me learning more with each new project as the area is so young and new. Hopefully you will like the work, and see some of the thought that I put into my design work, check back again for new work, as I hope to keep getting more great examples of what I do on this site. Who knows maybe the next project might be one of yours.


User experience design has many parallels to psychology, in that it looks closely at human behavior and then comes up with patterns and observations that can be used to better understand how we think and process our surroundings.

User experience design places the user firmly at the center of focus for making better software. As such I have read many books and articles that talk about us as humans and how our minds process things, I decided that by writing my own interpretations on what I understand that I can gain a better grasp on how these discoveries in psychology can help me to consider how to solve human centered design issues. They are listed here as they are part of my reference library of ideas and thoughts that I refer to often as part of my design process.

Thoughts on Motivation


Idea Gardening


Thoughts on Prototyping

Mythical Design Thinker


Throughout the course of project many assets get created, used and shelved. I thought it some of these might prove useful to others so I have uploaded them here for you to benefit from. These are free to use and alter.

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User Experience Sketching

User Experience Sketching


New Orleans Saints Personnel Room

New Orleans Saints Personnel Room


Standout Presentation Solution

StandOut Application


3d Touch Screen Controller

3D Control Concept


BOKA Wine selector Touch Screen Display

BOKA Wine Selector


NRF Retail Map

NRF Touch Screen Retail Map


VW Car Configorator

VW Surface Car Configurator


Visual Note Taking

Visual Note Taking